Learners Speaking Out

I have had more help coming here than I did in High School. It really has improved my life a lot.

"I heard about Siena from my friend. I could not read or write very much English. Since April 2008, I have had two English tutors and two math tutors. I always did very well on my job as an assembler in an auto parts supplier factory, but I couldn’t be promoted because I couldn’t read or write well. Earlier this year I was promoted to the job of Section Leader because of what I have learned at Siena. People who work at Siena are God’s people. No one can pay them except God."
-- H. S., December 2010

"I like the Siena Literacy Center. Mrs. Bell is a wonderful teacher. She helps me to learn how to read. I have to improve my education. The people that work at Siena are nice. I love coming to the Center. God has been good to me. Thank God for the Center."
-- D. N., December 2010

"What does Siena Literacy Center mean to me? I love the one on one tutoring. I never liked reading before, as a student, but when I started going to the Center my tutor made reading fun for me again. I like learning in the computer room. At one time pride was an issue because I thought I had a learning disability. The blessing came when God blessed me with one on one free tutoring."
-- P. R., December 2010

Elmer Carver likes attending the Siena Literacy Center because the staff members are “kind and professional.” He liked the fact that a test was given first to determine the reading level best for him to begin his studies. He was assigned a skill book containing helpful and enjoyable content about everyday life. One of the most memorable stories for Elmer was the life and contributions of Louis Braille, the man who invented the Braille system of reading for the blind. Mr. Carver states, “I look forward to Thursday at 1:00 to 3:00 because I have a goal to accomplish.” Mr. Carver’s tutor, Tom Soyster, says that Mr. Carver is an exceptional student; that is, dedicated, focused on accuracy, and resolved to succeed. He is one whose partnership Tom enjoys.
-- Elmer Carver, February 2011